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PARTNERS DEI Service Offerings 


Educate, facilitate, & implement Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices, principles, and strategy.


"Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization."

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Courses


Whether you are an individual looking to improve your connections and relationships or a leader seeking to create a more diverse and inclusive culture, we can partner to create the best path for moving forward.


Leadership Workshops

Facilitation of BESPOKE custom designed workshops tailored specifically for your organizations unique needs requirements



These current unprecedented times are calling for unprecedented measures as we navigate new models for business continuity and viability.

Employees at every level are adjusting to remote work and many are home schooling children or caring for elderly parents—all while coping with the physical and emotional toll of social distancing.

As organizations adapt to this new normal and teams work together in new ways, Equanimity Partners Intl has modified many of its Leading for Equity and Inclusion workshops for remote delivery. The workshops aim to help managers foster inclusive workplaces where employees feel trusted, valued, and psychologically safe in these uncertain times.

Equanimity Partners Intl Bespoke Workshops are:

  • Facilitated by Founder & CEO – Precious Fuller
  • Delivered online or in person
  • Half day or 1 full day
  • Number of participants negotiable depending on organization’s specific requirements

The workshops provide participants with a highly interactive learning experience that connects learners with the facilitator and each other throughout the session.

Our learning curriculum empowers leaders, from executives to frontline employees, with the critical knowledge and skills needed to build more inclusive workplaces, manage diverse teams, and serve diverse clients and customers. In each interactive workshop, learners examine their own assumptions and learn management of biases; analyze their own and others’ behaviors; and practice skills through engaging activities, insightful case studies, and practical self-assessment. Emerging leaders, line leaders, directors, and managers will gain a clear understanding of what it means to be an inclusive leader and why it’s essential in today’s global marketplace.

Some popular workshop topics:

  • Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership and how to manage it
  • Becoming an Inclusive Leader
  • Inclusive Communication
  • Managing Diverse Teams Inclusively
  • Understanding Gender Identity
  • Gender pay Equity
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Culture
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Work-Life Effectiveness
  • Peak Performance


Leadership Coaching

Guide leaders to live and lead equanimously – enhancing the lives of those they champion



Challenging, Supporting, and Empowering Leaders

The Equanimity Partners Intl Leadership coaching partnership programs are about challenging, supporting, and empowering leaders to evolve as effective and functional leaders who embody their vision and are engaged in the act of leading people & organizations, effectively.

Equanimity Leadership Coaching is about facilitating, in a one-on-one setting, the resources, understanding, knowledge, and skills [attitude] available to the leader, toward a stated vision. Highly effective and insightful questioning is used to facilitate this process. The partnerships are custom designed to the specific requirements of the said leader, enabling leaders with the communication and leadership skills necessary to engage in the act of leading themselves and their people to their fullest potential.

Developmental Leadership Coaching Program Summary

Program Overview

The Equanimity Partners Intl Leadership Coaching partnership program is designed specifically to help empower C-Suite Directors and Senior Executives in Leadership-responsible roles. The developmental side of our Leadership Coaching partnerships is the awareness and integration of a cultural system based on Truth & Equity, awareness of blind spots, and developmental switch points that promote facilitating the highest potential of others as well as themselves.

Program Cycle Length and Timings

Our Equanimity Partners Intl Leadership Partnership Coaching program is typically delivered weekly for 1 hour for 6-9- or 12-month periods. Each session builds on the previous and develops foundational cycles to deepen and weave your emerging leadership through each coaching session and embodiment practice.

Scope of Delivery

Our Equanimity Partners Intl Leadership Partnership Coaching programs are available to individual executives and teams, both nationally and internationally. The Coaching can be facilitated in person (face to face) depending on location and or online via zoom sessions.

Leadership Benefits

  • More self-awareness of personality and behaviors as a Leader
  • A deep understanding of the critical distinction of leading versus managing
  • To create effective rapport with peers, colleagues, reports, and the board of directors
  • To develop growth in terms of worldview (capacity to hold more perspectives)
  • To be able to effectively engage and collaborate with the people they lead and follow
  • To lead through the creation of a pioneering and engaging vision
  • To lead the organization’s social systems (learn to lead systemically)
  • To become more objective and lead the team’s and organization’s culture. To create impartial external accountability to team and organizational outcomes. To create and embody a meaningful and engaging leadership vision that people can and do follow
  • Equanimous teachings unique to Equanimous Leadership curriculum
  • Mindset mastery of operating state


Leadership Consulting 

Work with executives and leadership to create, sustain, and enhance their people and internal systems to function equitably and inclusively.



Diversity and inclusion are not luxuries reserved for high-performing companies in times of ease. They constitute a powerful lever for improving performance—and they are more critical than ever as companies aim to accelerate out of the downturn.

Equanimity Partners Intl brings deep expertise in driving measurable change in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Our work enables clients to build teams that fully reflect the diversity in the world and the communities they serve—and empower them to advance their businesses and our society.

We recognize the significant value that diversity, equity, and inclusion can unlock—for individuals, organizations, and societies—and the need to do better. To this end, we partner with companies to implement proven diversity strategies and diversity and inclusion best practices.

We are committed to driving measurable change for various racial, ethnic, and cultural groups, including black and indigenous people, people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, military service members and veterans, and people with disabilities. We help companies reimagine their business strategy in a way that eliminates systemic bias, sparks broader social change, and creates competitive advantage


12-Week Group Coaching Program 

Teach principles of equanimous living, personally and professionally, to intimate groups in practical ways for immediate benefit



We are excited to announce the launch of Equanimity Partners Intl 12-Week Online Group Coaching Program commencing on:

  • Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM CDT
  • Friday,      January 21, 2022 at 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM AEDT
  • Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 04:30 PM - 05:30 PM GMT
  • Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM PST
  • Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM EST

We are looking for 10 powerfully committed individuals who wish to champion their next level of trajectory personally and professionally to lead and live Equanimous lives. The commitment is 90 Days. Applications are OPEN NOW for our first intake in 2022!

The group is purposely immersive in nature with focused accountability for sustained momentum for the full 12-week period.  ONLY highly committed individuals interested in experiencing upscaling their growth personally and professionally need apply.

12 Key Benefits of The Program

  • Theme#1 – CLARITY – Week 1 – You will learn and gain CLARITY on what you wish to achieve and make 2022 a year like no other
  • Theme#2 – ACCOUNTABILITY/COMMITMENT – Week 2 - You will learn to be your word and be accountable to yourself in new and purposeful way, grounded in understanding what it means to be committed in a way you have never been
  • Theme#3 - UNEARTHING BELIEFS/CONDITIONING - Week 3 - You will learn how to unearth your beliefs and past based conditioning and rewire that circuitry so that you create a future devoid of past negative behavior
  • Theme#4 – EQUANIMOUS EDUCATION – Week 4 – You will learn the art of EQUANIMITY and the role it plays in achieving your goals and sustaining a state of peace and calm
  • Theme#5 – THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALING - Week 5 - You will learn how unhealed wounds from the past, whether recognized or not, have impacted the quality of your life and the importance to HEAL in order to move forward powerfully
  • Theme#6 – FAITH - Week 6 - You will learn how to leverage THE POWER SOURCE (whatever that is for you) and create an allegiance to that source such that you can create whatever your heart desires
  • Theme#7 – RELATIONSHIPS - BUSINESS/PERSONAL - Week 7 - You will learn how the quality of relationships and your ability to communicate effectively has a direct correlation to your success in life and business
  • Theme#8 – TOLERATIONS - Week 8 - You will learn to unearth what you tolerate personally and professionally and how these tolerations have impacted your life with the aim of living and leading a toleration FREE life!
  • Theme#9 - TRUST/LOVE - Week 9 - You will learn one of the most important life strategies in your personal and professional life and that is your ability to trust love
  • Theme#10 - PURPOSE/TRUE NORTH/CALLING/LEGACY - Week 10 - You will learn how you are uniquely designed for a specific purpose and how to name and claim the calling of your life
  • Theme#11 – CO-CREATION – Week 11 – You will learn how to co-create with the unknown and embrace uncertainty with awe and wonderment
  • Theme#12 – SUSTAINABILITY – Week 12 - You will learn and experience the practical application of all that you have learned in the past 12 weeks and know how to integrate the teachings to sustain momentum long after the program has ended.

What you will receive:

  1. Major traction in 90 days
  2. Focused accountability
  3. Sustained momentum
  4. Regular and consistent coaching with Precious Fuller – personally and professionally (anything goes) - most priceless aspect of the program
  5. Cross leveraging knowledge of others in the program
  6. Gaining different perspectives
  7. Motivation – group support
  8. Co-creative brainstorming
  9. Mentoring where required where necessary
  10. Buddy Support – you will be buddied off with a fellow participant as an added support structure

Start 2022 with being powerfully supported to not only achieve your goals but exceed them beyond imagining!

Please email us directly to be considered for this extraordinary program of self-development!

EQUANIMITY 12 Week Online Group Coaching Program Forecast

WEEK 1 - 4

WEEK 5 - 8

WEEK 9 - 12






<< GROW >>

Week 1

Date: 3rd of Feb

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - ALIGNMENT

Core Focus - Clarity

Week 2

Date: 10th of Feb

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - ALIGNMENT

Core Focus - Accountability & Commitment

Week 3

Date: 17th of Feb

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - ALIGNMENT

Core Focus - Unearthing Beliefs & Conditioning

Week 4

Date: 24th of Feb

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - ALIGNMENT

Core Focus - Equanimous Education


Date: 3rd of March

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - CONNECTION

Core Focus - The Importance Of Healing

Week 6

Date: 10th of March

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - CONNECTION

Core Focus - Faith/Co-creation

Week 7

Date: 17th of March

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - CONNECTION

Core Focus - Relationships - Business/Personal

Week 8

Date: 24th of March

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - CONNECTION

Core Focus - Tolerations

Week 9

Date: 7th of April

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - GROW

Core Focus - Trust/Love

Week 10

Date: 14th of April

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - GROW

Core Focus - Purpose/True North/Call/Legacy

Week 11

Date: 21st of April

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - GROW

Core Focus - Co-creation

Week 12

Date: 28th of April

Time: 5:30 pm CDT

Overarching Theme - GROW

Core Focus – Sustainability


Think Tank & DEI Collaborative

Use the space of thought leadership to leverage the perspectives and insights of innovators and thought leaders to discern equity and replace inequitable systems with equitable ones.


THINK TANK @ DEI Collaborative

Creating a space for great thought leaders to come together in a learning format, to promote more equity in the systems of this world is what the Equanimous Leadership Think Tank is all about. The goal is to use collective wisdom to address societal norms and conditioning that have sustained inequities and misalignments in our settings and communities.

Working independently can not only be exhausting, it can be limiting due to lack of collaboration and support that come from a team environment. Join the Collaborative and become part of a team that will support you and inspire innovation in your work. There's no need to go it alone. Share and receive as other leaders and DEI practitioners become a part of your personal team. Reach out for date, time, and cost:

Registration open for DEI Collaboration-Apply now!


Email Address*





Keynote Speaking

Engage audiences in personalizing and applying principles of community and belonging. Support connection through respect for and appreciation of our shared humanity.



There are keynote speakers who entertain, some who educate, and others who inform. Precious Fuller transforms! Precious Fuller captures attention, gaining the hearts and minds of audiences with a message that has impact long after the event ends.  Her personal brand of storytelling resonates with all types of audiences, revealing not only her expertise, but the passion for the subject she speaks about. Audience evaluations consistently rate her presentations as exceptional and impactful!

Your audiences are left in no doubt as to her message and the difference it can make in their lives. You will see Precious building a close rapport with your audience using her innovative and refreshing approach to keynote speaking, and sharing her unique inspiring journey.

Precious can customize her presentations to the requirements of the said organization. Talk to Precious about what your objectives are, and she will craft a keynote or a workshop specifically targeted to your needs.

What our customers are saying

Her gentle but firm style put staff at ease so they were able to receive the important information she had to share and to do the vital work at hand. I look forward to continuing our work together.


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