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Educate, support, & equip Leaders to their Next Level.


Leadership Coaching

Guide leaders to live and lead equanimously – enhancing the lives of those they champion



Challenging, Supporting, and Empowering Leaders

The Equanimity Partners Intl Leadership coaching partnership programs are about challenging, supporting, and empowering leaders to evolve as effective and functional leaders who embody their vision and are engaged in the act of leading people & organizations, effectively.


Equanimity Leadership Coaching is about facilitating, in a one-on-one setting, the resources, understanding, knowledge, and skills [attitude] available to the leader, toward a stated vision. Highly effective and insightful questioning is used to facilitate this process. The partnerships are custom designed to the specific requirements of the said leader, enabling leaders with the communication and leadership skills necessary to engage in the act of leading themselves and their people to their fullest potential.


Developmental Leadership Coaching Program Summary

Program Overview

The Equanimity Partners Intl Leadership Coaching partnership program is designed specifically to help empower C-Suite Directors and Senior Executives in Leadership-responsible roles. The developmental side of our Leadership Coaching partnerships is the awareness and integration of a cultural system based on inclusion, awareness of blind spots, and developmental switch points that promote facilitating the highest potential of others as well as themselves.


Program Cycle Length and Timings

Our Equanimity Partners Intl Leadership Partnership Coaching program is typically delivered bi-weekly for 1 hour for 3-6 or 12-month periods. Each session builds on the previous and develops your growing leadership through each coaching session and embodiment practice.


Scope of Delivery

Our Equanimity Partners Intl Leadership Partnership Coaching programs are available to individual executives and teams, both nationally and internationally. The Coaching is facilitated online via zoom sessions.


Leadership Benefits

  • More self-awareness of personality and behaviors as a Leader
  • A deeper understanding of the critical distinction of leading versus managing
  • To create effective rapport with peers, colleagues, and the board of directors
  • To develop growth in terms of worldview (capacity to hold more perspectives)
  • To be able to effectively engage and collaborate with the people they lead and follow
  • To lead through the creation of a pioneering and engaging vision
  • To lead the organization’s social systems (learn to lead systemically)
  • To become more objective and lead the team’s and organization’s culture. To create impartial external accountability to team and organizational outcomes. To create and embody a meaningful and engaging leadership vision that people can and do follow
  • Equanimous teachings unique to Equanimous Leadership curriculum
  • Mindset mastery of operating state
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