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  • Early Childhood Leadership Consultant

  • Parental Coaching (Early Childhood)

Educational Consulting

Enrichment, Systematization, and Promotion of Growth in Educational Settings

Partnering with educational leaders and directors, Equanimity Partners Intl coaches, and mentors, and promotes efficiency in educational centers. This level of support provides a base for leaders to ensure they are meeting requirements, enhancing work performance, and promoting excellence in education.


Equanimity’s Educational Consulting provides collaboration with educational directors to ensure

regulatory compliance, implementation of best practices, and monitoring of learning outcomes. This

collaboration sets the institution apart as distinguishable. The results include a cohesive team and

exemplary environment that attracts families and groups who appreciate high-quality care. Most

importantly, the children grow and thrive, exponentially.

Educational Consulting Overview

The Equanimity Partners Intl Educational Consulting is personalized to address the unique needs of each institution through partnering with leaders and directors. The emphasis is on compliance, quality care, and childhood development. The directors are supported as they establish and sustain safe and effective settings for staff, students, and the families they serve.

Program Cycle Length and Timings

Our educational consulting consists of bi-monthly Zoom meetings of 1 hour for 3, 6, or 9-month periods. Each session acknowledges the current phase and determines what is required to build up and move to the next phase.

Scope of Delivery

Educational consulting is provided for the director/leader and members of his or her team through a Zoom format. If there are in-person needs, those may be considered on an individual basis.

Consulting Benefits:

  • Leadership Support through partnering

  • Deeper understanding of the role and responsibility of leadership and staff

  • To create effective rapport with peers, colleagues, and the board of

  • directors

  • To develop a greater understanding of roles and responsibilities

  • To be able to effectively engage and collaborate with the people they

  • lead and follow

  • To lead the organization’s social systems (learn to lead systemically)

  • To strengthen the team through connection and equipping

  • Equanimous teachings unique to the Equanimous Leadership curriculum

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