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A philosophy rooted in the idea of equanimity —finding balance and peace amid the chaos.

The EQUANIMITY Brand Story

The Lotus Flower, rooted in the dirties of waters still produces a most beautiful flower. Equanimity is used to help navigate and create tremendous growth and beauty amid circumstances that are considered “too dirty.” However, that is exactly how the Lotus Flower grows. No dirty water can stop its growth and beauty. The dirtiness does not limit, stifle, or stop the growth of this beautiful flower. Neither should challenging circumstances stop our growth and quest for the “Something Better” in our communities, our organizations, and our personal lives.

When you “Embrace Diversity, Evolve Consciousness, & Transcend Paradigms” you experience the state of ‘equanimity’, a calm, equilibrium from which to operate personally and professionally.

The world is made more beautiful by finding the Lotus Flower, the unique beauty markings in your own life, workplace, organization, or society. Fostering connectedness, belonging and oneness is the central focal point of Equanimity Partners Intl – Growing Better TOGETHER!

In the words of Albert Einstein - “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” In these unprecedented times, new solutions need to be adopted to resolve the societal, transgenerational, systemic issues we as a human race face. In order to make better decisions we need to be better healthier, wiser, more equanimous people. Equanimity Partners International intend to provide a platform for co-creating lasting legacies that make a profound impact to the way we live and lead our lives and to fundamentally impact future generations that have not even been born yet!

What our customers are saying

Precious Fuller was masterful in guiding my team's book study as we began to take steps to transform the practices and culture of our workplace. She was able to ask intentional questions to provoke rich discussion and insightful responses. More importantly, she challenged the team to move from discussions to decisions, and decisions to doing. I would recommend her guidance to any group looking to make significant change in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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