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Educate, facilitate, & implement Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices, principles, and strategy.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Precious Fuller


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Equanimity


Founder's Biography

Precious L Fuller is a leading edge Socialpreneur passionate about enhancing the ‘human condition’. As Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Equanimity Partners Intl she is an accomplished professional, with more than 20 years of experience specializing in diversity, equity and inclusion, human relations, community outreach, program management, strategic planning, and public relations. Proven ability to think strategically & creatively around D&I application to HR, the business, and employees. Results-driven visionary with a stellar record of success developing and executing diversity strategies and programs that engage multiple stakeholders and drive business goals. Consistent success leading diversity and inclusion programs at all organization levels.

Precious is recognized as a motivator and mentor, with an outstanding record of achievement in the business, startup, nonprofit, and educational sectors. Demonstrated ability to lead and develop teams in a global environment. As a diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist, Precious works to establish and implement Truth, Equity, and accountability in the spaces she occupies. This is a lifestyle that has shown itself through her teaching, advocacy, and consulting. She has worked in this capacity through her work with children, leadership teams, and executives. Her education includes a BA degree in Communication and an MA in Teaching with Professional Studies.

Precious’s work backgrounds have spanned from educational settings to nonprofit ones with work in teaching children to adults as well as adults in behavioral and mental health settings. She has been sworn in as a CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children and received recognition for her community fundraising. Precious’s interest in “humanity” and its improvement, has caused her to flourish in situations where she can support human insight, growth, and development. Precious has worked as an advocate for children and for adults living with mental illness and cognitive disabilities. She provides coaching and consulting services for individuals, leadership teams, and influencers regarding understanding and implementing principles of diversity, equity, & inclusion.

Precious promotes equity with an emphasis on mental health while using and living in “Equanimity” to ensure mental calmness, especially in a difficult situation. Her thought partnering is critical in challenging current beliefs and promoting best practices to business leaders and individuals. Her passion for truth and fairness coalesces with her regard for humanity to help create environments of community, equity, and accountability.

Given her own life apprenticeship of being an only child, brought up in the south, ethnic minority in schools, she learned at an early age to disassociate, disconnect, and internalize her world which provided her with a more empathetic appreciation for building internal resolve. This then led Precious to dedicate her life to EMBRACING diversity, EVOLVING consciousness, & TRANSCENDING paradigms in order to foster connectedness, belonging and oneness – a champion for ‘growing better together’ and to fundamentally teach the art of ‘living and leading an equanimous life’.

What our customers are saying

Precious is an educational and mental health expert professional with a particularly effective and thoughtful approach to helping people understand their gift, bias and perspective as we all try to manage our human relations.


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